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Grow Your Online Business with Google

Create Google Search ads within 4 simple steps to boost your reach and attract new relevant customers! Only pay for ads that get clicked on!

Drive relevant traffic to your website

By selecting the locations in which your ads should be shown and by choosing compatible keywords, you'll be able to attract your target audience effectively!

Be in control of your budget

Only pay for ads that get clicked on & easily set budget limits for your campaigns - always stay in charge of your advertising costs!

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Foolproof - No prior experience needed

Have your Google Search Ads live within minutes! The Google Search Autopilot is user-friendly, as it's been designed so that anyone can use it.

Google Search Auto Pilot

Google Search Auto Pilot

Create & publish your Google Search Ads within a few clicks!

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How prices are calculated (The fixed fee per subscription tier may vary based on the rate fluctuation as converted to EUR by TNA Suite)

Google Search Auto Pilot


Fixed Fee

(€0 fee up to €500 monthly spend)

Monthly spend


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Monthly spend


€0 - €500


€500 - €2.500


€2.500 - €5.000


€5.000 - unlimited


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Boost your online performance with easy campaign creation


$0 - $540 spend/mo

What’s Included:

  • Create campaigns fast & easily up to $540 spend/month



Benefit from more features in expert mode


$500 - $2,700 spend/mo

What's included:

  • Everything of the Starter plan + Manage and create conversion tracking in Expert Mode



Scale your business and benefit from insights


$2,700 - $5,400 spend/mo

What’s Included:

  • Everything of the Starter and Plus plan + Track and analyse your campaign performance

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Set your business goal, whether this is increasing website traffic, attracting shoppers to your store or creating a strong brand - It's up to you!

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Create your campaign in 4 simple steps, automated creation, built based on machine learning.


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