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Facebook & Instagram Advertising Scheduler

Schedule Campaigns, Ad sets and Ads to be launched in the future. Get your campaign planning on point and don't worry anymore about ads to be manually turned on/off.

Benefits of using Facebook & Instagram Ads Scheduler

Ad creative scheduling

Easily schedule your Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns

Time saving

Decrease manual work afterwards and specify the day and time you want your ads to run beforehand

Conditional publisher

Publish campaign assets conditionally based on a feed

Turn campaign assets on/off based on set conditions

With conditional publishing the triggers you have set or the feed decides whether or not the campaign assets will be launched. Selling rain coats you would love to create maximum impact as soon as the rain drops.

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Be in control of your campaign planning

Schedule Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns ahead of time so you know what you're up to. No manual work on ad publications afterwards.

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Save valuable time & effort

Allocate your time more effectively by no longer manually managing the duration of your campaigns.

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Conditionally based campaign publication

Never be limited to working hours or ad hoc changes anymore. Benefit from the conditional publishing option. Automatically turn campaign assets on/off, based on set data feed conditions such as the weather.

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Increase Facebook & Instagram Campaign Planning Efficiency

With the Apps of TNA Suite. The proof is in the pudding.

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Available slots for ad creative schedules: 0-2


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0-2 slots



Available slots for ad creative schedules: 2-5


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Conditional Publisher



Available slots for ad creative schedules: 5-20


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Conditional Publisher



Available slots for ad creative schedules: >20


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Conditional Publisher


Get 20% discount for all 4

Benefit from all the time saving tools TNA Suite offers and save 20% on the total package deal.


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This is for you if...

Are working at an Agency, with a lot of customers and working towards the most efficient way of campaign planning management by also scheduling individual ads?

You are working for an international company with tons of Facebook and Instagram campaign assets, in different time zones. Publishing ads based on a time zone or straight after a match that has been played? You don't have to set your alarm at midnight anymore with the Scheduler?

You are working at a company with lots of campaign assets and/or wants to publish based on set feed conditions?

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