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11 Tools to help grow your business’ YouTube channel

Effectively growing your Youtube channel can be quite a challenge. There's a lot that goes into using the right tools, creating appealing content and promoting it to the right audience - that's why you should use all the help you can get!  From promotional tools to apps that can help you create high-quality videos, there are many resources out there that can help you boost your chances for success. To get you started, here's a list of 9 helpful tools you could be using:

Nicole Garrison

Guest Writer

May 20, 2020

1. KeywordTool.io

Research and find winning keywords for your channel

For every marketing and growth strategy that you want to base on organic traffic, you’ll have to pay special attention to using the right keywords. With KeywordTool.io, you can search for the most popular search queries on YouTube and find out what your target audience is interested in.

It’s also a great way to figure out long-tail keywords that you should include in your video description and tags.

KeywordTool.io has a free plan, while premium plans are available from $69 per month.

2. Intro Maker

Build a custom intro video for your business YouTube channel

Every famous YouTube channel has a catchy and recognisable intro. If you’re only at the beginning, you might think that adding an intro to your videos is something you will do later, once your channel gets traction, but it’s actually smarter to do it from the very first video.

With the Intro Maker tool developed by Intro Cave, you can access a library of hundreds of different templates you can customize according to your brand. The tool allows you to choose among the following categories:

  • Gaming
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Beauty
  • Travel
  • Music/Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Miscellaneous

3. TubeMiner

Search, filter, win

TubeMiner is a free application that you can use to make deep YouTube searches and filtering. You can search for any topic and rank the videos according to date or other futures. 

The app will also give you many additional stats about the video you’re researching, and it allows you to see trending videos in different countries. 

TubeMiner can be used for the analysis of your own videos or to check out how your competitors are doing!

4. VidIQ

AI-powered tool for YT analytics

Just like its name implies, vidIQ is a super-intelligent tool that can help you leverage the power of AI to achieve maximum success for your business channel. VidIQ contains several different features that help you build your audience:

  • keyword research
  • tag library 
  • competitor research
  • thumbnail generation
  • trend alerts

With just this one app, you’ll be able to get all the analytical insight you need to make an informed decision that will help you grow your business’ channel. Compare your channel’s performance to your competitors, track engagement and mentions and find out the best time for you to upload.

5. CaptionsMaker

Create closed captions for your videos

By including closed captions in your videos, you can increase the number of your subscribers. Not only will it allow deaf or hard of hearing users to engage with your content, but you’ll also be able to reach a global audience if you decide to caption your video in different languages.

Just remember how many times you’ve watched a full video on your commute or in a waiting room just because it had captions so you could watch on mute? If your videos have captions, you will be able to reach even that part of the audience that isn’t in an environment where they can play it out loud.

CaptionsMaker is an editor where you can view the automated captioning results for your video and correct mistakes. If you don’t want to use automated texts, you can use services like thewordpoint which will manually transcribe your speech to captions.

6. Tubics

Identify SEO weak spots and help your videos rank higher

Right, so everything is going well: You’ve started uploading awesome videos, your social audience seems to enjoy and share them, but you just can’t seem to rank well on YouTube’s search. It’s time to have a look under the hood and benefit from the ultimate guide on YouTube SEO here.

Just like its content marketing counterparts, Tubics is a tool that does a 360 analysis of your YouTube channels. After just a couple of seconds, you will get a full report on your channel’s SEO performance together with recommendations on what to do to rank higher.

7. Vidooly

Success platform for growing YouTubers

Vidooly is a useful tool for all YouTubers who would like to get access to detailed analytics of their account, showing more information than the Creator Studio itself. 

It’s primarily recommended for publishers and advertisers, because it analyses tags that will get you the most traffic and gives you recommendations when you should post and much more.

Just like an ‘Abandoned Cart’ feature in online store analytics, Vidooly allows you to engage with users who had watched your videos but haven’t subscribed to your channel. 

8. Canva

Design every visual aspect of your website and channel

Canva is a nifty tool that can be used for all of your design needs: from thumbnails and channel images to promotional photos and social media posts. 

It’s very easy to use, even if you’re not a designer!

As of recently, Canva also has a Video section where you can create animations or movies and export them in .mp4 format. It’s a great option if you’re doing explainer videos or if you want to introduce captivating transition slides to your videos!

9. Adobe Spark Video

Play around with images, videos and animations

Adobe Spark is a tool that’s similar to Canva but has a wider array of possibilities when it comes to video creation and editing. If you’re used to working in Adobe tools already, you’ll find your way around easier in Spark than in Canva. 

The best part about this tool is that it’s a rare opportunity to work in an Adobe tool in-browser. You can access it quickly and start working on your projects instantly after logging in with your Adobe account!

10. VEED

Add subtitles to your videos

VEED is a powerful online software that allows you to add subtitles to your videos automatically! Translate videos, transcribe audio files, add visual effects, create content that increases views, and grow your audience by generating subtitles to your videos in seconds, and with a single click. Our speech recognition software will transcribe your video automatically, saving you hours in manual transcription. A free video editor that puts the power at your fingertips, delivers incredible video creation, and allows you to grow your online presence creates engaging content, and grabs people’s attention!

11. Promo

Make Captivating Videos

Promo is an online video maker wherein you can easily create professional videos. Not being an expert in video making is not a problem. Promo got your back, it has ready-to-use templates that you can choose from; and it matches all types of content. With Promo, making YouTube videos that get attention has never been easy. You can create intro videos, outro videos, YouTube ads, and more. Promo helps to promote your YouTube channel and your business.

Success is around the corner

Even if you’re on a shoestring budget, you can still use many free resources that will help you grown your business’ YouTube channel. Just remember some of the most inspirational stories of this network and remember that if you believe in yourself and you’re ready to put in the work, success is around the corner.

Make sure you use all the resources that are available to you and utilise their full advantages. You can use them for analytics, promotion, design, creation and much more, so you’re pretty much technologically covered every step of the way!

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