fbpx A Refreshed Brand and A New Website: The Ins and Outs!


A Refreshed Brand and A New Website: The Ins and Outs!

If this is your first time visiting our website: Welcome, we hope you’ll enjoy it! If you’ve been here before, you’ll probably notice quite a change - Yes, we’ve got a new website! If you’re curious to find out why we decided to get a new site and what else will change, keep reading this blog!

Angelina Natividad

Online Marketer at The Next Ad

Nov 19, 2019

Here at The Next Ad, we are devoted to taking our customers’ digital advertising to the ‘Next’ level. To do so effectively, it’s essential to keep innovating and upgrading our own offerings, resources and gear – we practice what we preach! 

And so: We’re thrilled to announce that we have launched our new website, as well as refreshed our product offering! Of course, we are not going through all of this effort for the mere sake of vanity – No, there are some exciting things happening and we’re going to take you through all of them!

How We Got Here

The Next Ad started out as a social advertising software provider in 2014 and quickly became one of the first Facebook Marketing Partners in Europe. Ever since, we’ve got to work with some amazing customers, created powerful and long-lasting partnerships and improved our services and tech along the way. 

Now over the last 5 years, we’ve managed to achieve a growth of 422% (!) and expand as a digital advertising tech and service provider, while also earning the Google Premier Partner certification earlier this year. Innovation has always been a common thread in our company culture and always will be. 

With this redesign, we aimed to retain all of the good elements that our original customers have known us for, while also creating a space for The Next Ad to grow even more and also to connect with a larger audience of small/medium-sized businesses – trying to make digital advertising accessible for all.

Flexible and Future-Proof

An essential part of being flexible and future-proof is having the ability to adjust to changes as quickly they come or happen. Naturally, this is especially important in the digital advertising industry, as developments are constantly being presented, with more efficient processes to execute certain things. 

Taking this into consideration, it’s safe to say that every now and then it’s good to replace something old with a newer, faster and more innovative version. 

With that being said, there are a number of things the launch of this website will help improve significantly:

For you as a visitor:

  • Effortlessly find the right set of tools and features for your specific needs through our individual landing pages. 
  • Get a deep dive into the different features we offer and freely check out the product specifics.
  • Navigate easily through all of our blogs, seasonal updates, white papers and customer stories.
  • Get to know our team, who we are, what we do and which job posts we have open on the about us page (more about this in a bit)
  • Your all-in-one stop: All products, services and specialities under one roof. From social advertising to google advertising, to social media management and more!

For our team on the other side:

  • Content Management has now become a lot easier, enabling us to provide you content in a personalised way
  • There are better possibilities to monitor the performance of the website to collect actionable insights.
  • We’ll be able to test and implement changes faster in order to optimise the website and improve the user experience accordingly. 
  • We can place more focus on SEO practices to increase our visibility and findability, so more businesses can find us and benefit from our platform and services!
  • Make the site better/more responsive across different devices and a range of audiences.

Another great thing is that we aim to now have all related company information in one place.

We’re no longer featuring open jobs on our separate job portal. From now on, it’s right on this site!

BTW: we’re currently actually hiring, so be sure to take a look to see if there’s anything that would suit you! To go to our job page, just click here

Obviously, the site has got a whole new design as well! Which brings us to the next point:

Consistent, Clean and Crisp

That’s the style we were going for and that’s what (we’d like to believe) we managed to do! 

While the physical appearance of our previous site looked good as well, this aesthetic overhaul will help us to present the brand in a more mature and professional manner.

Using a set of colours from our brand palette in combination with clear-cut, but playful illustrations and designs, we want to provide our website visitors with an engaging and refreshing experience while they are here!

This new and redesigned website also places more emphasis on our many areas of expertise, technology and services: Optimisation, Analytics & Reporting, Social Engagement Management, Social Media Management, Google Search Auto Pilot, Auto Boosting and Ad Scheduling. 

This way, we can keep our offering clear and focus on the goals customers want to achieve, rather than just describing every single feature and option available. Check them all out under ‘’Solutions’’ in the top navigation bar!

Your One-Stop for Digital Advertising and Content & Social Media Management

At the beginning of this blog, we’ve mentioned that The Next Ad is focussed on making digital advertising accessible for everyone – regardless of their company size, budget or prior experience. 

With this in mind, we’ve taken a good, new look at our original product and service offering and came up with the following: 

If you’re starting out with digital advertising and you are looking to dabble into Google advertising at first, why would you want to pay for 10 other features that are aimed at social advertising? 

And let’s say you’re already running ads on Facebook and Instagram and you’re looking for a way to invest your budget in the best performing campaigns or audiences only. Chances are high, you’re not (yet) interested in content management – so why pay for that?

That’s why we are introducing: The Next Ad Suite!

The Next Ad suite is basically all the goodies of the original platform, but now split up in multiple tools (per goal), allowing you to cherry-pick only the tools that are useful for your specific needs!

Do you have more than one goal? Not a problem! This new structure allows you to easily combine our products, making sure you’re always set up for success.

Does this mean that we are no longer offering full-platform packages or fully-managed services? 

That’s not the case at all! While The Next Ad Suite makes it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to enter and gain from the world of digital advertising, you’ll still be able to enjoy the entirety of our platform with by opting for an ‘’all-in package’’, containing all our tools and features. The way we’re offering our first-class managed services will also remain as they are! 

The Next Ad makes digital advertising easy, effective and accessible for all. 

That’s that!

We hope you’ll enjoy the new website as much as we do! Explore the website to find out more about our services, discover our past work, meet our team and read up on the latest insights across the digital advertising industry.

Since we’ve just launched the site, we’ll still be working on finishing up on some final touches and adding our older content on the website!

So – What do you think? Definitely let us know in the comments below! Did you get curious about the new The Next Ad Suite? That’s great! – Easily start your free 14-day trial to see if it can be of use to you!

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Angelina Natividad

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