fbpx Amazing Ways to Make Your Instagram Photos Stand Out


Amazing Ways to Make Your Instagram Photos Stand Out

Some Instagram accounts seem to look impossibly perfect. What if we told you all it takes to make an account like that is a bit of extra planning and some basic knowledge of photography? We've put together some of the best ways you can make your Instagram photos stand out. You'll learn more about selfie digital makeup apps, photography, and how to use themes, colors, and photo orientation to make your account more appealing to viewers.

Rebecca Alston

Guest blogger

Understand Photography Basics:

Before you start thinking about themes, filters, and hashtags, you should know how to take high-quality Instagram photos. It can only benefit you to take the time to learn about the foundation of what makes an image good. 

When deciding on the lighting in your image, always go for the most natural light possible. More saturated light, such as at the ‘Golden Hour’, is ideal for selfies as it makes any skin tone look vibrant and any eye color shine. 

If you’re looking into becoming an influencer or starting a business on Instagram, it’s worth looking into a portable lighting setup like a ring light for when natural light is scarce.

The photo quality will always be higher if you keep the camera as still as possible. It’s worth investing in a tripod and using a timer or button to take photos. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the composition of your Instagram photo. Look into the rule of thirds and how to balance your images better.  

Use a Theme or Color Palette

You can keep all your photos in one theme or post them in groups of different colors to make your feed look more attractive. This takes a bit more planning with each post, and you need to consider how the photo will look next to the one before and after it and the ones above and below. 

You could also use a colorful frame to color-code your feed or break pictures up into a grid and post each photo separately. Remember, if you post a big shot in many small parts, it generally works best with landscapes. 

Make Collages With Layout

Layout is an Instagram photo editing app that helps you put your photos in different collages and edit the size and shapes of each grid section. You can use it to make beautiful collages that tell a story better than many pictures in separate posts or a slideshow would. 

Digital Makeup Apps

Digital makeup apps can give you a full face of makeup, and you don’t even need to touch a brush or pencil. The apps use facial recognition to put on mascara, lipstick, or eyeshadow, and you can even change your eye color or contour your face with it. 

You can be ready for a perfect selfie wherever and whenever, and you’ll never have to worry about posting a photo without makeup again. 

Use the Right Hashtags

The perfect photos and feed theme aren’t all there is to making your posts stand out. You need to use the right hashtags, so your post has a better chance of showing up on the discover page. 

Generally, the instinct is to use as many high-traffic tags as you can, but this isn’t necessarily the right move. The best way to formulate your hashtags is to use a couple with extremely high traffic, five to ten with around 100 000 uses, and five to ten with under 10 000 uses. 

This way, you’re still covering your niche, and the post will still only go to people who’re interested in it, but it also has a higher chance of being on the discovery page in general. 

Use the right hashtags



It’s surprisingly easy to make an Instagram account that stands out from the rest. All you need to do is plan and gain ground-level knowledge on making your images look good. 

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