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Introducing The Next Ad’s New Approval Process

Louai Nasser

Sep 17, 2018

The team at The Next Ad is constantly thinking of ways to improve our platform and ensure it satisfies all of our customers’ needs. The Next Ad is happy to announce yet another update to its platform with the introduction of the Approval Process. Let’s quickly go through the way this new feature works and how we think it can help our customers.

Imagine you’re working with huge budgets and would love to have a second pair of eyes checking and proofreading the campaign settings, budget and content. Or let’s say you’re working as part of a team where each employee has specific access and permission as well as different responsibilities. Or maybe you’re just seeking approval from a superior before publishing a campaign. Well, we thought there should be a simple way possible to manage and secure this process.

The Approval Process

We are excited to announce the introduction of a new feature to our platform: The Approval Process!

A Brand Creator can now create a campaign but cannot publish it anymore without the approval of his/her manager or superior. Only after the campaign has been reviewed and approved can it now be published.

Firstly, in order to begin the approval process, the Brand Creator must complete creating and designing his campaign before selecting an ‘Approver’ from the drop-down menu. This menu will include a list of alphabetically listed names of Brand Publishers, Brand Managers and System Admins.

System Admins can create, update and delete brands on their platform and can add or remove users from the system. And whilst Brand Publishers have the ability to publish campaigns, Brand Managers can publish as well as update and delete campaign audiences as they are in full control of a specific brand’s campaigns. Click here for a full overview of what each role can do on the platform.

The Brand Creator must select one of these Approvers before pressing on the ‘Request Approval’ button in order to gain permission to publish.

In the Campaign Status, the ‘Request Approval’ button will now say ‘Pending Approval’. This will lead to an automatic email being sent to the requested Approver, where he or she will be able to accept or deny the request to publish the campaign.

Once an Approver opens a ‘Pending Approval’ campaign in the Campaign Wizard, he or she will have the option to press either on the ‘Approve & Publish’ or ‘Decline’ button. If the Approver wishes to reject the publishing request, he or she must select one or more of the listed reasons which explain why it has been rejected. Here are the possible reasons which an Approver can select when declining the publication of a campaign:

  • Name
  • Objective
  • Duration
  • Budget
  • Budget Type
  • Spend Cap
  • Other, leaving some room for any other reason to prevent the campaign from publishing

An extra text field is available to allow the ‘Approver’ to specify and add an explanation as to why a campaign has been rejected.

Once the campaign has been rejected, the Creator will be notified through email where the reasons for the campaign rejections will be listed and explained. This will lead to the Campaign Status reverting back to a Draft, meaning the Creator will now have to re-request approval in order to get the campaign published.

It is also important to note that any brand role higher than the Brand Creator can approve & publish a campaign, this does not have to be the requested approver. This means that if the requested approver is sick or on holiday, someone else could also approve & publish the campaign in question.

And that’s it! We firmly believe this addition to the platform will help maintain some control for our users, reducing the chances of mistakes and ensuring that a campaign won’t be published until it has been reviewed by others. We hope this simple yet efficient update will enhance your experience on our platform. We’re looking forward to hearing back from you so please let us know what you think of this new addition! And if you haven’t signed up with The Next Ad, there is no better time to do so than the present! Enjoy a free two week trial with no strings attached by signing up below!

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