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Loavies’ Incredible Black Friday Success Story

Louai Nasser

Dec 14, 2018

Loavies is a Dutch-based international brand & private label. Their online fashion store is filled with items inspired by trends seen on catwalks and fashion bloggers. Loavies rapidly created a large fanbase of fashion-minded women all over the world by launching fashion styles that offer each woman the opportunity to create and develop her own unique style. With the help of The Next Ad’s Services Team, Loavies went into Black Friday with high expectations. And they didn’t disappoint.

Loavies and The Next Ad Make History

This Black Friday, Loavies, with the help of The Next Ad’s Managed Services, managed to achieve its most successful day since it was founded six years ago, selling more products than ever before in the span of just a couple of days. Loavies’ recorded a revenue growth that was 343% better than its previous best sales day, defying all the odds and hitting new and unprecedented records!

Aided by the expertise offered to them by The Next Ad’s social experts, Loavies successfully managed to generate and increase awareness around their brand and products before Black Friday with the help of several promotions and Instant Experience Ads, which proved to be very successful in terms of increasing engagement and traffic to the website. This immersive, full-screen experience that helps drive engagement, in combination with Loavies’ Party/Christmas product catalogue played a key part in raising the necessary awareness before Black Friday kicked off.

In further attempts to promote awareness around Loavies’ Black Friday offerings, several organic posts were boosted as well as the publication of link ads which succeeded in bringing in more traffic to Loavies’ webpage.

As Black Friday commenced, we also worked together on creating engaging Custom Black Friday Overlays accompanied by Dynamic Product Ads, helping Loavies retarget past visitors and reach existing customers with visually appealing and engaging imagery.

Another important ad type used during Loavies’ highly successful social campaign was Instagram Stories advertising, whilst link ads were also prominently used.

Working ever so closely with the Managed Team at The Next Ad, Loavies was able to increase their audience sizes as well as their social budgets, by investing their money rather than just spending it.

Much of their success was due to The Next Ad’s Hyper Optimisation tool which automatically optimised budgets towards the best performing audiences, whilst the Ad Fatigue Optimisation allowed for the best performing ads to be automatically optimised through the entire weekend.

To celebrate the amazing results we achieved together, we sent Loavies this happy-team cake!

We have been working with Loavies for several years now and we hope that is just the start of something really special! We can’t wait to help take their future social media campaigns to the next level and beyond! Keep up the awesome work guys!

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