fbpx New Media Injection Feature: Introducing ‘Overnight Ready’!

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New Media Injection Feature: Introducing ‘Overnight Ready’!

Our developers at Media Injection have been working hard on a number of new features that have recently been released on the platform. These features make it easier for businesses to handle Social Webcare in more time-efficient ways. And good news, they definitely have some practical uses for the current COVID-19 situation. Read this article to learn all about it!

Introducing: The ‘Overnight Ready’ feature

During the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, many businesses all around the world experienced massive influxes of incoming messages from troubled customers. Hoards of questions about (e.g.) order statuses, opening hours, precautionary measures, made it difficult for many companies to attend to each message, resulting in large backlogs in their social webcare. 

Having to face a sudden stream of incoming messages regarding flights and regulations, Transavia (a major Dutch airline) was definitely one of those businesses. Eager to manage their social webcare in the most efficient way and as one of our longtime customers, Transavia turned to Media Injection for the development of the latest feature. 

Introducing: The ‘Overnight Ready’ feature

This feature allows users to maintain a better overview of their conversations, handling only incoming messages that are still relevant. But that’s not all! Curious to learn more about this feature? Keep on reading!

About the Overnight Ready feature

With the Overnight Ready feature, businesses are able to automatically close messages that have been sent outside of opening hours. When used in combination with Media Injection’s Conversation Settings, users can also send out automatic messages that will update customers about the status of their request. 

But what about messages that have been sent during opening hours, but have not been dealt with before closing hours? 

Not a problem! 

Simply add Media Injection’s Automatic Balancer System (ABS) function to make sure that those conversation will be given priority before any new incoming messages when retrieved the next day, send customers an automatic update message, et voilà: 

Your inbox remains uncluttered and your customers are now updated about the status of their request and are assured of receiving excellent customer service the next day! 

How it works: Step-by-Step instructions

So how can you start using the Overnight Ready feature in Media Injection? It’s easy, just follow the following steps!

1. Click on the left menu bar and select ‘Channels’.

2. Select the channel for which you want to implement the feature. 

3. After the channel’s window pops up, click on ‘Conversation settings’.

4. Set up the openings hours for your social webcare

5. Click on ‘Ready all messages in postponed conversations’ to activate the Ready Overnight feature.

6. *Optional* Enter an automatic reply for when your office is open, closed, or for postponed conversations.



(Postponed conversation)

If you have any more questions about how to use the Overnight feature of any of our other functionalities, don’t hesitate to send our support team a message, and we’ll be sure you’re up and running in no time!

Take your Social Webcare to the next level!

Is your business struggling to keep up with the increased amount of incoming messages and are you looking for an effective way to service your customers in the best way possible? Then our platform may be the answer for you! 

Simply send us a message in the chat box or send us an email and find out how our tooling can take your business’ social webcare to the next level!

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