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The Benefits of Creating Shopping Campaigns on Google

Google’s search engine receives 63,000 searches per second on any given day. Pretty impressive, right?  Of course, the variety of topics searched for is enormous, but part of it is coming from consumers seeking to buy a specific product. After searching for the product, these people will come across the Google Shopping section. These smart shopping campaigns are having a proven 30% higher conversion rate than regular text ads. This is your chance to boost your sales!  So, we decided to write this article in which we will explain all about what Google shopping ads are and how it works. Just keep reading!

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What are Google Shopping campaigns?

So, what exactly are Google Shopping campaigns?

Think of Google Shopping as a comparative service that is implicitly embedded into the performance of the search engine. Retailers are setting up a Google Merchant Center account to allow Google to display product shopping ads in – the first section of – the search results. The goal is to boost eCommerce and/or drop-shipping websites!

After entering the keyword for a certain product, the consumer will see a range of items appearing both above and to the right side of the organic search results. In these frames, details of the items will be shown. This design includes a clear product image, the name of the product, the price of the product, but also the shop where the product can be purchased.

Moreover, the ratings are also available immediately. Therefore, all knowledge is clearly seen. If a person is searching for a product, it always occurs with the intention of acting. With Google Shopping, it’s just that little easier to switch from goal to conversion.

Benefits of Google Shopping

The 5 Key Benefits of Google Shopping 

1. A boost to your CTR:

The Google Shopping Ads are located at the top and the side of Google’s result page. This makes the shopping Ads more eye-catching for the visitors. Moreover, there is a chance that the ads are the only part of the search engine that the visitors will look at.

The higher your product or company ranks in the search engine, the higher the CTR will become. When the keyword matches the product ads that the searcher will find at the search engine, there is a good chance that it will be visited. If consumers click on your ad, they will be redirected to your shopping page.

2. Reach customers at multiple stages of the buying process:

Not all people who are using Google are necessarily in the last stage of the buying process. However, when served with a Shopping ad, their purchasing intentions are more likely to be boosted. An advantage of Shopping ads is that you not only reach your own customers but also those who have a clear buying intention. Google determines based on the search term and product data whether your Google ads will be shown to the customers. 

If Google finds that the search term has a clear intention to make a contribution to your company’s sales, Google will show your ads to the person searching.

3. Show up several times in the search engine:

With Google Shopping, you can appear multiple times on the Google search engine results page. If you really use it as a complete marketing mix, you’ll see that you’re not only visible through shopping, but also through search ads and organic results.

4. Higher quality leads:

You can also improve the quality of your leads by using Google Shopping. Visitors of Google will see the product among the other products and can already make a purchase decision at this point. When they click on the product and go to your website, it is therefore more likely that they will make a purchase. 

If a consumer is seeking to buy “Balloons” for example, this person may see Google Shopping ads from web shops that sell balloons. Based on the product feed, the person can then figure out which one is most interesting or appealing. So, when clicking on the ad, the searcher already has a good idea of ​​the product which makes them already a step further in the purchasing cycle.

5. Generate more visitors to your website:

Google Shopping also has advantages over other product advertising channels, such as Amazon and ebay. When a shopper clicks a product link, the shopper will be redirected to your website. This is different from marketplaces such as ebay and Amazon, where you offer your products and therefore do not receive clicks to your website but sell it directly through the marketplace.

We all now know that visitors to webshops often buy more than just the product they clicked on. Moreover, you can also complete your newsletter file with a small discount promotion and thus successfully upsell via marketing automation.

Tips and tricks for Google shopping campaigns

Tips for Effective Google Shopping Campaigns 

  • Optimise your feed: optimise your titles (using the right structure, using language your customers use when searching for and speaking about your products, brand name, colour of the product, gender (Fe: Nike LD victory Heren Schoen – red). And this all, preferably in 5 words.
  • Optimise descriptions: Not all customers will see the description directly, only by clicking the shopping tab it will display. But, optimising this section is still very important because Google still analyses this description. To figure out what it is you’re offering. The description should show what your product is and how it is used. The better the information, the better your product is standing out from competitors. TIP: add videos to the description on your website (not on the feed)
  • Choose the best image: really think about your image. What can you do to stand out? A/B testing can be used to get the best results (f.e.: background or no background)
  • Select the right Google product category for your campaign.
  • Deep linking: With app deep linking enabled, your app users will be directed to your in-app content from your Search, Display, and Shopping ads. If you want to enable deep linking for these campaigns, create App Links for Android and Universal Links for iOS, and enable Google Analytics for Firebase to track app conversions.
  • Keep products approved in Google merchant center.
  • Use the campaign settings: Make sure to fill out the settings as complete as possible. There are a lot of opportunities to gain from creating the right campaign settings.
  • Create an effective bidding strategy (CPC)
  • Use Negative keywords (go into your account – press keywords on the left – search terms – add a filter – conversion – less than one – Look into your costs vs Conv. Value – add to negative keywords
  • Get reviews 

Start using google shopping campaigns

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