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The Next Ad official Google Premier Partner

In addition to the Facebook Marketing Partner badge for Ad Technology, The Next Ad can now also call itself a Google Premier Partner—a unique position in the market as a Software Vendor. Only a specific group of companies in the Benelux (and worldwide) have been selected with great care by Google and are part of this programme.

Sanne Kruis

The Marketing Manager of The Next Ad.

July 3, 2019

The Next Ad is a Google Premier Partner, which adds an extra quality mark to our services and technology. This means that we are a certified Google specialist and know exactly how Google, in combination with Facebook and Instagram, can contribute to online success. As a Google Premier Partner, you are one step ahead of the regular Google Partner, as well as being placed among the top in a complex and rapidly-changing digital advertising market—not only in the Netherlands but also in the rest of Europe.

How have we been appointed as a Google Premier Partner?

Of course, you don’t just become a Premier Partner. There are a number of performance requirements that we have gone through.

  • Our team of specialists are all certified in all areas; namely, search advertising, mobile advertising, display advertising, shopping advertising and video advertising.
  •  The performance of our Google Ads campaigns meets the requirements of Google in terms of both growth and product implementation
  • The accounts meet the required size.
  • And, finally, Google recognises the great potential for growth through the use of Technology.

What differentiates our position from the traditional agencies with a Premier Badge?

“The answer is quite simple: we are a software developer. Our strength lies in the combination of technology and services and, because we believe that advertising should be accessible to every business, we are working behind the scenes on a tool that makes advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google possible. This makes it easy for (small) entrepreneurs to run campaigns without any specialist knowledge and saves a great amount of time.”

What does this mean for you as an entrepreneur or advertiser?

The collaboration with Google offers many benefits for both you and for us. Of course, we will always make sure that our customers remain our top priority but, in addition to this, we now have Google as a strategic partner. As a result, we are responding to a great opportunity in the market to also provide small advertisers with automated tooling. Furthermore, we can be the first to use beta testing, which allows for various new ad formats and features to have a direct positive effect on your campaigns. Ultimately, our specialists will regularly receive personal training from Google, which guarantees our knowledge and expertise to be of high quality and constantly subjected to development.

Do you also want to benefit from our benefits?

We are proud of our Google Premier Partner status and invest actively in our relationship with Google. Partly because of this, we are able to get maximum returns from your digital advertising campaigns. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Get in touch with us!

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Sanne Kruis

The Marketing Manager of The Next Ad. Passionate about Marketing, Digital (Advertising), Project Management, volleyball player and loves to socialise. Nice to meet you!

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