fbpx Understanding Facebook’s Page Publishing Authorisation Process

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Understanding Facebook’s Page Publishing Authorisation Process

Louai Nasser

Aug 23, 2018

A Facebook Page is a public profile specifically created for a certain business, brand, cause or any other type of activity or organisation. These Pages, visible to the public, can be created by anyone and are there so that people can connect with them, ‘like’ them and become fans of the account. However, after detecting some foul play in the system, Facebook has decided to introduce a Page Publishing Authorisation process in order to prevent fake accounts from administering Pages on the platform.

On August 10, Facebook announced its new Page Publishing Authorisation process with the aim of making it more difficult for fake accounts to run and post on Pages. In order to continue posting, Page managers will be requested to complete this authorisation process in order to prove the authenticity of their personal account.

This process change mainly affects Page managers that run pages with large US audiences, whilst Pages or Page managers who have an established signal of authenticity through the form of an existing partnership are not expected to be affected.

If a Page is required to complete this Page Publishing Authorisation Process then the Page manager will receive a notification in their News Feed once they have logged in to Facebook, as well as an alert banner asking them to complete the process. On the other hand, Page managers also have the option to browse to “Identity Confirmation” in their General Account Settings. The entire process shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to complete.

The authorisation requires Page managers to secure their accounts through the process of a two-factor authentication, whilst they will also have to confirm their primary country location. This will make running Facebook Pages with fake or stolen accounts a much harder task, helping Facebook identify and verify who is behind a certain Page. It will also help reduce the amount of fake news and illegal content on the platform, as the people running these accounts can immediately be held accountable.

Once the PPA process has been completed, the process status will be replaced with a green circle alongside a label that says “Identity Confirmed” next to it.

Additional Page Info

Users will also be able to see more details about a Page in the Info and Ads section.

There, you will be able to check out the Page History, allowing you to see if and when a Page has merged with another Page in the past. It will also include a ‘People Who Manage This Page’ section, giving you the chance to see the primary country locations from which a Page is being managed. This will initially only appear on Pages with a large US audience.

In the near future, we are also expecting Instagram to roll out similar updates in order to allow people to find out more information about accounts with large audiences.

For more information, check out the Page Publishing Authorisation Guide here.

What do you think of Facebook’s latest move? Do you agree with it? Would you agree that this update will help Pages on Facebook increase their levels of transparency and trustworthiness on the platform? Let us know in the comments section below! And if you want to stay up to date with all of The Next Ad’s latest news, don’t miss out and subscribe!

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