fbpx Why Your Campaigns Fail and What You Can Do about it


Why Your Campaigns Fail and What You Can Do about it

Johanna Drouin

Sep 7, 2017

There are reasons why your campaigns are not seeing any results during the holiday season. We give you some tips on how you can avoid making mistakes and improve your campaigns during this crucial time of the year.

Why your Campaigns fail and what you can do about it

Facebook has the fastest-growing advertising market and provides a platform that is probably one of the most effective ones to use for your advertising. With over 2 billion active users, businesses can make a lot of money via Facebook ads. Especially during the holidays, Facebook presents enormous opportunities for advertisers. This time of the year, more than any other, people are in the mood to spend money. This is also the time of the year when advertisers use the social network more than ever and spend more money on their advertisements like there is no tomorrow. We told you why it is important to increase your advertising budget during the holiday season in our blog earlier this week, but the truth is, success is not guaranteed and campaigns can fail. In this blog, we are going to explain shortly why failure is more likely during this period of time and what advertisers can do to make their campaigns more successful.

Why failure is more likely

As we told you in our previous blog, competition during the holidays is higher than ever. You are competing with an endless number of organisations and brands who want to reach the same audience. They might be offering better products, better deals and their ads might be more relevant than yours. Having that competition in mind, advertisers might run the risk of targeting blindly, running ads that are targeted at people broadly. But if you have been invisible on the social network in the previous months, no or minimal trust was built ahead of time. If you’re blindly targeting or aren’t targeting the right people, you’re more likely to reach people unwilling to engage with your ads. These are some reasons why your ads are not seeing any results during the holiday season. We will give you some tips on how you can avoid making mistakes during this crucial time of the year.

How you can improve your campaigns and avoid mistakes

1 Define your goals

If you don’t know what your overall campaign goal is, you won’t know what to look for. That’s why you must define your goal. Do you want to promote a specific product or want to increase sales? Via our platform you can choose between the following campaign goals:

  • Conversions (Website)
  • Conversions (Apps)
  • Traffic (Website/Messenger)
  • Traffic (App)
  • Reach
  • Page post engagement
  • Offer claims
  • Page likes
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Product catalog sales
  • Brand Awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Events

Campaign goals

We improved the traffic and conversion campaign goals and added ‘Events’ as a completely new campaign goal. Doing this we are consistent with Facebook’s terms and functionality and are also aligned with consumers’ mobile behaviour.

2 Segment your audience

Imagine you walk around in a busy shopping centre and scream ‘Download my new app that’s going to change your way of life’. Surely, everyone will look at you but not everyone will be interested in buying your app that is supposedly going to change everyone’s life. That’s what would happen if you target your ads to everyone on Facebook. Not only will you waste money but also annoy people that are not interested in your product. This is why you need to segment your audience, determine what type of people could be interested in your business and target specific groups of people.

3 Push your audience to your landing page

Another reason, why you might not see any results from your ads is because you push people to your homepage instead of your landing page. You need to tell people what to do. If you send them to your website, they won’t know what to do. Push them to a landing page where there’s one clear call to action and value that will keep them interested.

4 A/B test your ads

For your ads to be successful, you need to regularly A/B test them. Just because your ad is working today doesn’t mean it will work tomorrow. Via our platform you can A/B test your ads automatically. Yes, that’s right. You no longer have to do that manually. You can create multiple ads and get them A/B tested automatically. This way you will find the best performing ad creative asset to get the most successful ads.

5 Track your URLs

If you send your audience to a page on your website, tracking URLs will help you to find out how effective your campaign is. This is really useful if you have multiple campaigns running. With our awesome UTM tag builder you can easily track traffic originating from a certain ad set or ad to your website and measure how well certain parts or elements of your campaign are performing.

URL tag builder on ad level

6 Take advantage of retargeting

Have you ever browsed through your favourite store online then went on Facebook and saw an ad for the exact item you were looking at? You’ve been retargeted! You can do the same with your prospects. All you need to do is set a retargeting pixel on specific pages on your website so when people land on your page, a cookie is dropped on their browser. Then you can easily retarget them with a relevant ad. Do you want to know more about how and why to use the Facebook Pixel? We wrote a blog about it.

7 Prevent ad fatigue

If you are retargeting and advertising to your current customers, make sure you don’t bore them with the same ad over and over again. You can use our platform to automatically prevent ad fatigue. Set your own rules to switch ads every day and minimise ad fatigue. We’ll automatically switch off poor performing ad creatives to find the best performing ones.

8 Make use of our new home dashboard

This might be the biggest mistakes advertisers can do: publishing campaigns, running ads and not checking how their campaigns are doing. It is crucial to regularly check on your ads and campaigns, at least weekly or daily. Review your campaigns, check your dashboard regularly and learn from the insights you get.

9 Scale it up

Looking and analysing your insights will reveal what ads and campaigns work best. Are your ads performing amazingly? Then don’t hesitate and scale them up! If your ads are performing well and generating sales, it really pays off to scale up.

In the end...

Facebook can be a profitable platform for your ads and campaigns in general – especially if you do it right. By following the advice above, you can improve your Facebook advertising campaigns easily and will see results sooner than you think. We know that Facebook advertising can be challenging – that’s why our platform offers you added value with features that can optimise your campaigns automatically. Try our platform for free and let us know if we can help you further to push your Facebook advertising to the next level!

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