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10 Best Shopify Apps to Boost your Business

Having great tools on your Shopify account is an amazing opportunity to get more out of your online business. Today we will show you how to download these tools, share our personal favourites, and provide you with a list of the 10 best Shopify designs of 2021. Let’s make you a hero in the world of Shopify, just keep reading!

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How do I install Apps from the Shopify App Store?

At this point, we expect that you have a Shopify Account already (whenever you are not having an account yet, you can easily set it up via the Shopify website). 

To start, you will need to log in with your account: You will now see your own Shopify Dashboard.  

Go to the Shopify App Store using this link.

Start exploring the Apps provided. Benefit from the Apps highlighted in the Spotlight, trending apps, top new apps, selections by  categories (dropdown at the top menu) or selections by collections. 

The 10 best Shopify Apps to download

The 10 Best Shopify apps to boost your business

When you manage a Shopify website, you have the opportunity to benefit from useful tools to optimise and manage the website. There are thousands of them on the Shopify App store and sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. For this reason we have made a list of the 10 best Apps of 2021 to download. These Apps will help you improve your design, website speed, customer management, but also your marketing campaigns. You will find them below!

Smart SEO

Smart SEO

Ecommerce SEO is a challenge for many business owners. It can take time, resources, and money to get your website to rank high in search engines. Smart SEO enables you to automate SEO optimisation and drive more organic traffic to your store. 

This free app automatically creates meta tags and alt tags, fixes broken links, and manages your sitemap to make your Google pages user-friendly. It also provides Google with structured data to improve the search results. All you need to do is pick a template and let Smart SEO do the rest of it.

Better replay

Better replay

Ever wonder why shoppers don’t convert on your website? BetterReplay provides live recordings of shoppers’ sessions so you can see how people interact with your Shopify store and what items they look at. With this information, you can see and fix where shoppers get stuck and evaluate new ideas to improve conversions and lower abandoned carts in your store.

Google Shopping Autopilot

Shopping Autopilot Account Setup

Google Shopping Autopilot  enables you to easily promote your products in Google’s Shopping results. Simply connect your Shopify webshop to the Google Shopping Autopilot and sit back and relax while your account set-up gets completed. As soon as your account has been set up, creating your first campaign is done in just a few seconds. Run shopping campaigns to promote your products amongst the people looking for what you offer and increase the sales of your website within a blink of an eye! 


Google’s search engine receives 63,000 searches per second on any given day. After the consumers search for the product, they will come across the Google Shopping section. These smart shopping campaigns are having a proven 30% higher conversion rate than regular text ads and a lot more which you can read in this blog. This is your chance to boost your sales!

Get started with Google Shopping Autopilot for free!

Shopping Autopilot Campaign Creation

Mochi Texting and Live Chat support
Mochi Texting and Live chat support

You can chat with customers and guests on your site in real time using Mochi. Mochi will show you how a visitor came to your website, what items they’re looking at, and even what they’re adding to the cart, so you can provide the right support quickly and easily. It also provides SMS or web-based support – and if you’re not online, you can automate response and lead scores with Mochi’s AI chatting system.

Google Search Autopilot
Google Search Autopilot | The Next Ad

Normally, Google Search Ads campaigns are time consuming and quite hard to set up. Although, it would be a waste to not imply them in your marketing strategy since they can be highly profitable for your business. 


The App Google Search Autopilot will let you quickly launch Google Search Ads Campaigns, and the best part is that there is no need to be an expert on advertising. The app is using fully automated creation & optimisation functionalities! This makes Google Search Autopilot tailored to reach advertising goals for Small and Medium sized businesses. 


The best part is that The Next Ad supports starters by providing the app for free! Whenever you, as a company, are growing bigger, you can choose for more features by upgrading to a more advanced subscription.

Gameball: Loyalty & rewards
Gameball: loyalty and reward

Gameball is a customer retention platform that helps you manage loyalty programs to increase referrals and sales. Customers can complete challenges, earn points, and level up through different tiers to earn rewards and discount codes. You can also create a referral program in which customers earn rewards for bringing new customers to your business. 

Gameball lets you trigger pop-ups to encourage customers throughout their shopping experience to promote your program, interact with people, and create more loyal customers. The app offers a free forever version, with paid plans starting at $29/month.



PixPix is an easy-to-use image editor with a ton of great features. The interface is lightweight and user friendly, so you can crop, resize, and adjust color and lighting issues quickly. It also provides automatic alt text and optimised file names for search engine optimisation. You can integrate PixPix directly into your product pages, giving you the ability to edit photos and get your products live and selling faster.



Promo.com is a free app that helps you create product videos. Video creation requires little to no effort on your part. You just have to choose the type of video you need and product you want to promote. Then, Promo.com will pull all existing images and video on your website to create a promotional video for your business. 



If you’re looking for a small business idea or in need of a product to sell, Oberlo can help you source a supplier. With Oberlo, you can search a marketplace of products available for direct import into your Shopify store. When you receive an order, you can fulfill it through your dropshipping supplier via Oberlo, which will ship the product to your customers for you. There’s no need to worry about packaging or shipping it yourself.



PayWhirl makes it easy to create, manage, and sell subscriptions through Shopify’s native checkout. Customers can set up their own accounts, see their billing history, and make changes to their payment plans any time. They can also add new payment methods and information associated with their subscription, all without contacting your support team.



Smart inventory management is an advantage to any brick-and-mortar or ecommerce business. If you sell out of in-demand products, it can lower sales—and if you keep too much inventory, you can drain your resources. 

Need a simple solution? Use Stocky by Shopify to optimize your inventory decisions. With one tool to manage and track your products, you’ll spend less time worrying about what to buy and more time increasing your profits with the best product mix for your store.


Design Ideas for your Shopify Website

Every year, Shopify uploads a new list of Shopify stores which are inspiring. Whenever you are stuck with your design we recommend you looking at this list: 50 Best Shopify Stores to Inspire Entrepreneurs in 2021. The list shows pictures of existing websites and also provides you with a link to them. Now you can sit back and enjoy the creativity of others which can possibly lead to inspiration for your own website!

Almost there

So, that’s it. We have helped you find the Shopify App store, provided you with our top 10 list of the best Shopify Apps, and we showed you where you can find inspiration for your own website. We hope everything regarding the Shopify Apps is clear now so you can create the most efficient and effective Shopify website possible.  Please be advised that we’re always happy to help you out. Use the chat function on the website or fill out the contact form to get in touch. 

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