fbpx 4 Web Hosting Hacks for Running Successful Social Media Campaigns


4 Web Hosting Hacks for Running Successful Social Media Campaigns

You probably already know that social media marketing is a great way to grow your audience and convert leads to sales. What you may not know is that a great social media campaign starts at the very basics. Check out this blog to find out what you need to do!

James Riddle

Guest Writer

Sep 6, 2019

It’s not the software or market analysis. It’s the hosting.

Yes, web hosting, the service you use to host your website can play a crucial role in your next social media campaign! Here’s how you prepare your hosting to ensure a successful campaign:

1. Make sure you’re ready for success

Hosting is the basis of any marketing endeavour simply because all traffic you generate is going to end up on your website. If the hosting you pay for is not fit enough to handle the challenge, you’ll end up wasting the marketing budget.

Many businesses pick a mediocre hosting plan when they start and don’t change it later on because it still works. If you’ve done this, the hosting may cave in after a successful social media campaign.

Ad campaigns sometimes achieve great results, up to 927% increase in monthly sales. If your hosting’s bandwidth can’t take the number of visitors the marketing campaign generates, it will start slowing down.

Simply put, bandwidth is the number of requests that can be handled per second. If it’s low, the increased number of requests during peak hours will take too much time for the servers to process (click here to learn more about hosting-related topics).

What does this mean for your business? When a website loads for 10 seconds or more, the probability of a bounce increases by 123%.

Make sure your hosting is good enough to withstand the increase in visitors, and you’ll know every dime of your marketing budget is being spent well.

2. The hosting allows advanced analytics

What’s the best way to build a well-performing ad campaign? Include retargeting to your strategy. Unlike marketing to the broad target audience, retargeting is a very safe bid. Show ads to people who have been on your website already, and you will see your conversions rise.

For even more conversions, focus your attention on people who have visited specific pages. It goes without saying that someone who’ve seen your pricelist is a more qualified lead than someone who’ve read a couple of blog pages.

That’s a great strategy with a big limitation. Your hosting has to be compatible with Google analytics and be able to run detailed reports on people who have visited your website.

If your hosting allows you to get insight into the website visitors, you can leverage this for surgical precision in segmenting your social media marketing audience.

3. Allow caching and image compression for better mobile performance

The mobile app is the most popular way of accessing social media. This means that a good half of the website views you’re going to get from a social media campaign are going to be on mobile.

There’s one little thing you can do apart from making sure the mobile version of your website is working smoothly on all devices. Go to your hosting settings and enable caching and image compression. This will make your website a bit faster, especially for mobile devices.

The bigger the file, the longer it takes to load it. If you have a lot of beautiful and heavy imagery on the website, it’s going to slow it down. Most smartphones won’t let the user see the image in full resolution anyway, so you’re just wasting your hosting’s resources. Configure your hosting to compress the images in the storage space, and make sure people who click on your ads on their phones will have a great experience.

4. The hosting supports your software

No successful social media campaign is possible without automation software. Whatever software you use, it gives you endless possibilities when it comes to online promotion. Some software allows you to schedule social media posts, manage the advertising campaigns, and work with leads, all in one package.

If you’re buying a brand new subscription for an app like this, you have to make sure that your hosting is compatible with it. It will work in most cases, but sometimes cheaper plans don’t support the scripts and database formats that are needed to run your software.

Double-checking compatibility early on makes sure you don’t waste precious time during the campaign on perfecting the integration.

The takeaway

Creating a successful social media campaign is a complex endeavour. You need to make many factors come together to make sure your investment sees great returns.

The factor that comes first, the very basic one, is your web hosting company. Start with configuring your hosting for the upcoming social media campaign, and you’re off to a great start!

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