fbpx 5 Social Media Strategies Every (Small) Business Needs to Answer


5 Social Media Strategies Every (Small) Business Needs to Answer

Starting a new business is always a difficult but enjoyable process. You want to get the best out of your business, and your energy is at an all-time high! As a result, it is critical to have a solid plan in place for everything in order to make the process as effective and efficient as possible. Today, we'll talk about the building blocks of your social media strategy by going over 5 different strategies you can implement right away. Continue reading!

Let’s start

Today we will talk about 5 strategies which will help you with the first steps:

  1. Create your Social Media Business plan
  2. The importance of choosing the right social media platforms for you
  3. Get inspired by an event calendar
  4. Create a publishing schedule 
  5. Get the engagement going 

After these steps you will know about 5 important strategies that will help you boost your business!


Social media business plan

1. Create your Social Media Business plan

The first step in creating a successful social media page for your company is deciding where you want to take it. Consider the business objective, social media goal, and metrics you want to use for this. We’ll give you some suggestions below:

Business objective: 

  1. Grow your brand
  2. Turn customers into advocates 
  3. Drive leads and sales 
  4. Improve customer retention

Social media goal: 

  1. Awareness 
  2. Engagement 
  3. Conversions 
  4. Consumer 


  1. Followers, Shares, etc. 
  2. Comments, Likes, Mentions, etc.
  3. Website clicks, Email sign ups, etc. 
  4. Testimonials, Social Media sentiment, average response time (for customer service/support) 

We published a blog called How Understanding Your Social Audience Shapes Your Entire Marketing Strategy that not only explains why understanding your audience is important, but also provides you with several techniques for analysing your Social Audience. If you want to learn more about the road of understanding, click on this link!

2. The importance of choosing the right social media platforms for you  

After you’ve decided what you want to accomplish with your company’s presence on social media, it’s time to create a profile. Each channel has a distinct type of user. It is critical to understand how this audience differs from one another if you want to optimise your content. The demographics of these platforms are interesting to investigate in this regard. 

You can easily find the demographics of each channel in 2021 at the report of the London school of Economics. Take a look and see which ones work best for your company! In addition, we will provide you with a list of links to sign up for various social media platforms:







Set up the account after you’ve decided which social media platform is best for your goals. When doing so, you must ensure that everything is as clear to your customers as possible. Provide them with all the necessary information, and ensure that all the logos and profile pictures are of high quality.

On our website, we have free whitepapers that will show you how to set up a social media account and create ads. Consider the various designs that are possible, the various design specifications that must be considered, and more! Just take a look at it!

Marketing events

3. Get inspired by an event calendar

The online event calendars contain a wealth of marketing information. All the special Events are displayed here, which will provide you with plenty of ideas for new social media posts for your page!

Take a look at the English and Dutch version below: 

English version 

Dutch version 

Of course, there will be many days on this calendar that are irrelevant to your industry. But we are confident that there will be some that are a perfect fit! Simply visit the website and make use of our helpful Publishing tool to plan ahead of time.

Schedule tool

4. Create a publishing schedule 

You can start creating your posts now that you know your communication style, the platforms you will use, and a large collection of events. We recommend using a social media publisher for this. You can create all of your posts in one app, schedule them, and track their performance with a social media publisher.

We explain how to use our social media publisher in this blog (insert link). We can assure you that it will save you a great deal of time and effort in thinking and planning! Simply take a seat and unwind!

Retarget your audience

5. Retarget your audience

Smartphones are used extensively. Nonetheless, capturing and maintaining their attention can be difficult. Retargeting ads make it easier to promote products on social media to people who have already visited your site. Assume a visitor to your website adds a product to their shopping cart. Then they get distracted or get a text and leave your website before checking out. Retargeting allows you to follow a potential customer across social media and show them relevant ads.

Cross-channel connections can be made by retargeting your ads. It’s a way to target users and customize ads based on their individual customer journeys. You’ll need to decide which platforms to run these types of ads on before incorporating them into your social media strategy.
Following that, the process for setting up your ads will differ depending on the platform. You’ll need a business account and the Facebook pixel code installed on your website, for example, to create a retargeted ad on Facebook. After those are in place, you can start working on your first campaign.

Knowing your audience is essential for successful retargeting. You’ll be better positioned to target ads that engage and convert if you know more about their demographics.

Finally, let’s get started

You’ve learned about five important business strategies today. These steps will assist you in getting up and running quickly, and if followed correctly, you will be able to give your entire company a boost. 

Get your content schedule out by using a Content Calendar. Try the Social Publisher yourself and  experience how much time you can save by scheduling posts across all networks ahead. Create a free account right here.

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