fbpx Marketing Tips: 11 Pinterest Marketing Tactics For Business

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Marketing Tips: 11 Pinterest Marketing Tactics For Business

How do you market your products and services online? Do you use social media like Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook? If so, you're not alone—the number of people using Pinterest to share photos of things they like doubled last year. More than 400 million people are now active on the network.

As a business owner, it’s essential to understand how to get your company seen by all these potential customers on Pinterest. Here are some Pinterest marketing strategies to market your business on this popular social media platform and increase website traffic.

How To Get Found On Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search engine with a lot of potential for marketing a business. The site has more than 400 million active users and a growing number of searches every day.

For your Pinterest account to get found, you’ll need to first create a Pinterest business account. Then, you’ll need to create pins with great imagery and relevant keywords, use hashtags, and make your pins public.

Pinterest marketing tools like PinLeague can help you research the best keywords to use for your pins. You can also find popular hashtags to include in your posts by using a tool like Hashtagify.me.

Pinterest ads and Pinterest analytics can also give you insights into what people are pinning from your website and how they’re interacting with your pins.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy Tactics

Here are some helpful Pinterest marketing efforts for your Pinterest business account to help drive traffic to your website.


1. Create A Board Specifically For Your Business

A Pinterest “board” is where you save pins for specific topics or themes. You’ll want to create a board specifically for your business. This board can be used to showcase your products or services and can also be used to engage with customers across other social media platforms.

2. Participate In Group Boards

A group Pinterest board, also known as a collaborative board, is a great way to reach a larger audience. A group board can also be a great source of inspiration for a blog post.

3. Stay Up To Date With The Latest Pinterest Trends And Changes

Pinterest is constantly evolving, so it’s important to keep up with the latest trends. One great way to keep up with the latest trends on the platform is to take a look at the surging trends collection on Pinterest. Here you can also discover trending ideas across popular categories on the site.

4. Pin Images That People Can’t Resist

People love images. They share them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media channels. The more time people spend looking at your pictures, the more likely they will remember you and visit your website.

The key is to create eye-catching, rich pins with a pin description that people can’t resist. You want people to see your pins while scrolling through their feed or on the Explore page.

To do this, make sure you have a clear message in your caption and include hashtags related to your company or product. For example, if you’re marketing a new type of pencil for school children, you might want to mention words like “teacher,” “classroom,” and “back to school.”

Another way to catch people’s attention is by using visuals relatable to what they’re currently doing in their lives. If it’s wintertime and everyone’s talking about skiing or snowboarding, pin an image of someone zooming down a mountain with the hashtag “#snow.”

5. Use Hashtags Wisely

One way to use Pinterest to market your business is by using hashtags. Hashtags are a way of categorizing and searching for content on the network. You can find certain tags for specific topics or niches, which will allow you to find photos related to your products or services quickly.

When you post images of your products or services on Pinterest, use one of these relevant tags in the description area. This will help other users find your content and follow what you’re doing as well.

You could also include the hashtag in your post, so it’s easy for people to find that photo on their feed too.

6. Optimize Your Company’s Profile For Maximum Exposure

Pinterest is all about images. The network has a high percentage of visual content, so it’s important to optimize your company’s profile with clear, compelling photos and graphics.

Take Pinterest’s “About” section as an example. If you want to attract visitors to your site, fill out the following:

  • A short but descriptive summary of what your business does
  • Links to the primary webpage of your website
  • A link to your Facebook page
  • Links to other social media pages and websites where people can find you

It’s also good to include keywords in the description field for maximum SEO. This helps when people search Pinterest for products or services that you offer.

7. Add Value With Automated Content

One of the best ways to market your business on Pinterest is to create automated content. What does that mean? You take several items from your company and turn them into pins.

For example, if you sell jewelry, you might take pictures of your entire line and turn each item into a pin.

People will see your pins and will be more likely to follow you because they are interested in your products. They’ll also share the pins with their friends who may be interested in the product or service you offer.

8. Engage With Other Pinterest Users

The first step to marketing your business on Pinterest is establishing a presence. It would be best if you began by following other users, including people who share the same interests.

When you follow them, they’ll be able to see that you’ve followed them and can follow back. This will help you create a following of like-minded people, which will increase the number of potential customers interested in your products or services.

Once you’ve done this, it’s time to start engaging with other Pinterest users. Commenting on their pins and sharing their pins are great ways to engage with others and make connections that could lead to collaboration opportunities down the line.

If you share content from another account, it’s important to use a link shortener service like bitly so that the person originating the content gets credit for what they posted.

A word of caution: Don’t spam your followers! Trust me when I say it’s not worth it if all your followers block you because they’re tired of seeing your updates in their feed.

Be mindful of how often you post, and don’t go overboard with promotional posts only. Make sure there are plenty of pictures that are interesting but not overtly advertising so that people want to follow your account for more than just sales pitches.

9. Follow Influencers In Your Industry

It’s important to identify influencers in your industry. They are respected in a specific field, and they have a following. For example, if you own a yoga studio, an influencer might be someone like Tara Stiles.

One tactic is to reach out to these influencers and offer them free products or services in exchange for them pinning your product or service on their Pinterest boards. This will drive traffic to your website.

10. Become A Certified Promoter

Pinterest is a great way to get your product or service in front of people who may be interested in it. That’s where Pinterest Promoters come in.

By becoming a Certified Promoter, you can add a Promoted Pins button to your website that lets your customers know they can share the page on Pinterest with their followers and friends.

Moreover, as a Certified Promoter, you’ll receive an email notification every time someone promotes one of your pins. You’ll also receive notifications when someone comments on one of your pins or likes it. You’ll want to respond to these quickly so that potential customers feel like they’re being heard.

The whole point of becoming a Certified Promoter is for people to see your products and services and then go out and buy them on your site.

According to Pinterest, more than 60 percent of shoppers have purchased something online from a company because they saw it on Pinterest first!

11. Create A Board Of Curators

You can create a board of curators to help your pinners find new content. When you post on your boards, make sure you give them a shout-out in the description.

You can also offer a discount code for those who follow your pins. This will encourage people to explore your account and get more involved with the content.


Pinterest can be a great way to market your business, and the number of users and engagement on Pinterest are growing. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to reaching more potential customers and driving traffic to your website.


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