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Impact of Social Media Marketing Trends on Our Decisions

Every minute, thousands of people make decisions and buy goods or services. Of course, brands want their sales to be directly influenced. However, it is not so easy to enter the market and immediately become successful. For days, creative agencies, marketers, and advertisers have been working hard to increase sales in their respective industries. Do you know how their marketing strategies influence our decisions?

Anna Medina

Guest writer

The increased use of gadgets and the lockdown both contributed significantly to an increase in demand for purchasing services and goods. It was followed by well-crafted ads that appeared on every website. They are frequently useful as a reminder for people to replenish their supplies.

Nonetheless, most people unintentionally click on them without intending to buy anything. As a result, roughly 75% of respondents agreed that social media ads influenced their decision-making rather than a necessity.

Does social media affect consumer decision making?

Most organizations’ marketing policies today are based on consumer behavior and the elements that impact purchasing decisions. Modern social media marketing employs a variety of techniques to affect them, generate leads, and grow businesses. It is no longer sufficient to take a picture of a product or service to persuade a customer to buy it.

These days, an army of professionals works “behind the camera,” creating not only amazing images and visuals but also appealing content and product descriptions. Many people find it difficult to create a good piece of writing. Fortunately, there are essay reviews services like Rated by Students or Trust My Paper that can assist you with this task.

The era of technology has changed everything: budgets have shrunk, and small businesses have begun to promote themselves via social media. Algorithms have learned to predict consumer behavior, and search engines have learned to measure demand, aiding marketing teams in better understanding customer needs.

There are more than 50 detailed decision-making schemes. The most basic form of the consumer cycle covers five stages:

  • Recognition of the need;
  • Search for information;
  • Analysis of information and customer feedback;
  • Decision-making;
  • Response to the purchase.

Professional marketers influence a customer’s decision in different ways through written content, short videos, and pictures:

  • Increase visibility by attracting visitors from search engines, and social media networks through high-quality content. If you are having trouble generating good material, visit professional writing services reviews or essay review websites for assistance;
  • Create new needs by discussing new solutions to existing problems;
  • Assist in the discovery of a better solution;
  • Encourage the choice to be made in favour of the company by informing them about the benefits and advantages of their product;
  • Increase loyalty and reselling.

What other ways do social media influence purchasing decisions?

Purchases are classified into three types according to marketing theory:

  • Pre-planned;
  • Partially planned;
  • Not planned.

With specific characteristics, you can influence rational, pre-planned decisions. For example, you can introduce quality control, add free additional services, or improve the service. Detailed reviews of the product also work well, especially if they are conducted by a specialist whose expertise is undeniable, or by a famous blogger or celebrity.

Advertising frequently attempts to stimulate impulsive purchases and work with potential buyers’ emotional backgrounds having, for instance, vintage mockups. As a result, brands adorn themselves with eye-catching packaging and are armed with memorable slogans, working in both directions.

Social media marketing is a modern marketing style that focuses on expanding marketers’ options for promoting a product or service beyond traditional media. To impact consumers’ decisions, companies now actively use:

  • Customer experience and feedback;
  • Detailed information with pictures;
  • Useful tips;
  • Cautions;
  • FAQ sections, etc.

The social media environment is very easy to use and accessible to modern clients. These advantages provide people with not only comprehensive information, but also convenience in achieving their goals (i.e., purchasing exactly what they need).

Let’s take a look at how social media influences purchasing decisions:

1. Social media reduces the customer’s path to a purchase

According to statistics, approximately 29% of social network users purchase a product on the same day they view it (see, click on the link, buy). Furthermore, users who are influenced by social media buy four times more frequently.

Simultaneously, on social media, users can not only buy a product right away but also thoroughly research it by reading user feedback in the comments, watching a video review, etc.

2. Encourages trust through Stories and Reels

Content created in Stories and Reels has gradually surpassed that published on general threads in popularity. It looks more natural and encourages trust from buyers. Using them, companies can communicate with users, demonstrating “behind the scenes,” live reviews, etc.

3. Allows you to see results in a matter of seconds

Social proof has long been thought to be one of the best ways to increase customer loyalty to a brand. This social evidence is now easier to obtain than ever before thanks to social media.

To begin, the customer can examine the brand page on social media, noting how frequently it makes publications, what it writes, and what content it places at the top. This can already tell you a lot and instill trust or distrust in a brand.

Second, it is very easy to find genuine opinions and reviews about a product or product on social media, especially if the product is sensational. Users leave reviews and comments on both brand and personal pages. Some people even dedicate their blogs to doing product reviews.

4. Discounts for subscriptions

Special terms or subscription discounts can often be a very effective way to get a customer to make a purchase right away through social media. Many businesses use this method, offering a discount on the purchase of a channel subscription, reposting on networks, etc. This not only helps to increase sales but also creates a customer base that will become your potential audience in the future.

5. The best ads are done by consumers

Social media promotes the desire to have what other people have. The majority of our preferences are shaped and learned as a result of social norms and expectations.

Your purchasing habits may be influenced more by the behaviour of those around you than by your personal preferences. For example, purchasing an expensive bag because it is trendy, or purchasing a new car because your favourite singer or actor owns one, etc.


6. It has the option “Share”

Links on social media have an impact as well. They enable you to share equity offers with friends and significantly assist them in saving. Furthermore, some businesses provide a discount to both the client and his friend in exchange for a repost.

7. Increases the chances of making a purchase

If you can walk past the goods several times in a regular store and not notice them, it will be more difficult to do so on social media. Advertisements are typically displayed in various parts of the screen several times.

And the more attention the buyer pays to them, the more likely it is that he will click on a bright picture and be seduced into an action styled like “buy now and get one extra.”

The demand for purchases made through websites is determined by a person’s proclivity to choose what is not only familiar but also easy to understand. Even the most complex content is now delivered to the client in a simple and accessible format, allowing businesses to generate consistent revenue.

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