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Reach your Audience with Confidence

Sanne Kruis

The Marketing Manager of The Next Ad.

May 19, 2017

Do you want to be absolutely confident that your brand campaigns reach a fixed amount of people? Do you want to manage the frequency on a personal level and on a larger scale?

How to use Facebook adverts to reach your audience with confidence

Do you want to be absolutely confident that your brand campaigns reach a fixed amount of people? Do you want to manage the frequency on a personal level and on a larger scale? Do you want to increase brand awareness? The Reach & Frequency buying type is now completely supported in our platform which allows you to achieve exactly that. It helps you tell your business’ story in a highly predictable and effective way.

What is Reach & Frequency

Reach & Frequency is a powerful ad buying solution that allows you to predictably buy ads on Facebook. Buying media using Reach & Frequency is especially familiar among traditional media channels such as television and print. Facebook and Instagram have built on this proven method and allow you to control over the reach and the frequency of your ads to people in a highly predictable way.

Who should use this tool

You are a good fit if you want to:

  • Predict the reach, frequency, cost of your brand campaigns at scale
  • Extend the reach of your TV campaigns onto Facebook and Instagram
  • Manage frequency on a personal level at scale
  • Make sure you reach a certain amount of people guaranteed
  • Plan and book your campaigns in advance

What are the benefits of Reach & Frequency

1 Efficient media planning and buying

You can plan and buy the optimal reach and frequency levels for your campaign up to six months in advance and you can set efficient prices for each audience so that you can get the best price possible. With Reach & Frequency you can also leverage almost all of the interest, demographic and audience targeting that is available in the auction.

2 Predictable delivery

You can be confident that what you planned will actually be delivered. Before running your campaign, you’ll know exactly when and how frequently your adverts will appear and the reach and impressions you’re likely to receive.

3 More control

You get more control over who your message reaches, how many people it reaches, and how often your audience receive it. You’re also able to know how far your money goes. Reach and frequency show you the budget you need to reach your audience. Once your adverts are set up and ready to go live, it will deliver them at the price you set.

4 Plan your campaigns before purchasing

You can use the Campaign Planner to create and compare media plans and share them with other people. This allows you to explore your options and plan your campaigns before placing an order.


Predictions basically show you the number of people your ad can reach in a date range based on a given reach, frequency, audience and budget. You can reserve then assign a prediction to your ad set and we will deliver your ads to fulfill the prediction.

Guidelines for Reach & Frequency


Every time you create a campaign using Reach & Frequency, you need to pay a set price for the advertising inventory placement you reserve. The cost is always CPM (cost per every 1,000 impressions). Of course, the cost may change day over day based on auction dynamics like ad quality.


  • Ad sets must be 1-90 days long and can be booked six months in advance of your launch date
  • Your target audiences must be at least 300,000 people
  • You must reach a minimum of 200,000 people per Ad set
  • You can deliver ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • You are setting a frequency cap, not a target. We will not go over your frequency cap.
  • Ads must be uploaded to the Ad set within six hours after the scheduled start time. If they are uploaded after that, the Ad set will be cancelled.

Ad sets

  • Ad sets can contain multiple ads. Delivery will optimise towards the best-performing ads based on the objective you’ve selected.
  • Each Ad set has its own Budget, Reach, Frequency, Targeting and Placements.


  • You may target one country per Ad set. So if you’re interested in reaching people in multiple countries, you’ll need to create separate Ad sets in your Reach & Frequency campaign
  • It’s best to avoid creating too narrow of an audience in order to maximise results since most of the time you’re running a
    Reach & Frequency campaign for awareness and prospecting campaigns
  • Reach & Frequency campaigns are compatible with most Facebook targeting capabilities, with these exceptions
  • You cannot use operating system specific targeting
  • You cannot exclude dynamic audiences (Website Custom Audiences, Video Viewer Audiences, Fans, Friends of Connections)

Want to learn more about reaching the right audiences for your ad campaigns? Check out this white paper about Audience Targeting for free!

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