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Why Advanced Analytics Is The Way Forward

Louai Nasser

Nov 21, 2019

The process of evaluating data using analytical and logical reasoning has become something that is absolutely crucial to companies and entrepreneurs around the globe. However, it is important to bear in mind that the world of analytics is continuously evolving with new, advanced and meticulous measuring tools frequently popping up on the market. Having recently launched our own embedded analytics software onto our platform, The Next Ad Analytics, we would like to lay emphasis on the importance of analytics and data analysis in general.

Here’s why modern and evolved analytics have become crucial to a business’ growth and development.

Understand Your Performances

Measuring the success of your social campaigns’ performances is absolutely vital as it will help you identify problems, discover what is or isn’t working well, learn from your mistakes and improve your future campaign performances.

However, none of this would be possible without gaining a complete understanding of your campaign’s performance, which is where an analytics software comes into the frame.

Let’s look at this from a social media campaign’s point of view.

There are a plethora of reasons why analytics present the ideal reporting solution for you and your business as you look to learn from previous mistakes and build on the platform that you have already created with past work.

From benchmarking your own data to viewing your spend over a certain period of time and from accessing accurately built reporting dashboards to report sharing with the rest of your team, the right analytics tool can certainly be the answer to many of your questions and the platform for your future campaigns.

Challenging Your Competition with Embedded Analytics

With the holiday season fast approaching, competition has become fiercer than ever as thousands of social campaigns prepare for take-off for the holiday & shopping season. This typically prompts companies and brands to battle it out amongst each other in order to stand out from the pack. As customers start to loosen their purse strings, the upcoming months represent the most crucial period of the year for advertisers around the world.

That’s why during this period, it is absolutely vital for companies to understand exactly what is being spent, how it’s being spent, how their campaigns are performing and how some content fares in comparison to others.

As the advertising industry makes steady advances with regards to its use of technology, it has become increasingly important for different technologies to be integrated under one common platform.

That’s why a social ad tech software application or platform that embeds an intelligent and modernised analytics feature within its platform, allowing its users to monitor their spend, budget, performance, ROI etc. is always going to be the most attractive option for companies and advertisers in general.

Furthermore, having an actual analytics software embedded within an application makes way for an application that can offer its customers an all-in-one platform that increases and optimises the efficiency of their workflow. In fact, according to a report commissioned by Logi Analytics earlier this year, the embedment of sophisticated analytics features has had a highly positive impact on customer satisfaction.

By making use of sophisticated and advanced analytics features, companies can enjoy a certain competitive advantage over other services that merely utilise a basic measurement and reporting tool.

Satisfaction rates proved to be far higher amongst advertisers who used sophisticated, up to date analytics features in comparison to those who only had access to basic ones. Although some intricate and innovative features may at first appear slightly more complicated and intricate than basic ones, the capabilities and results that come with it can offer customers an undisputed advantage over competitors that only have access to basic reporting features.

Benefit from The Next Ad Analytics

Yes, that’s right!

Two months ago, The Next Ad launched its very own, brand new sophisticated reporting solution: The Next Ad Analytics.

It’s the new, visual way of reviewing the performances of all the campaigns that you are managing within our application.

With the user-friendly, real-time reporting dashboards of The Next Ad you will be able to benchmark your data in the most efficient way possible and customise templates according to your personal preferences.

Here are a few things that you can expect from The Next Ad Analytics:

  • Easy and ready to go Reporting dashboards
  • Real-Time and Historical Data
  • Easily benchmark your own data

… and more!

We believe The Next Ad Analytics can play a crucial role for our customers during the upcoming holiday season.

Feel free to check out our blog on The Next Ad Analytics for all the information related to the release of this feature and find out why our team absolutely loves using it! And check out the one sheet we have created that truly summarises the importance of using advanced and embedded analytics, especially The Next Ad Analytics!

The best thing about this new feature? It’s part of our current platform and doesn’t cost a single penny extra to make use of it, so go ahead, try it out and see for yourself!

Need help getting started with The Next Ad Analytics? Contact us via the chat or on success@tnasuite.com and schedule a quick webinar with a member of our Customer Success team. We’re sure you won’t regret it!

Not signed up with The Next Ad yet? Not a problem! Simply sign up to our free two-week trial where you will also be able to benefit from this accurate and reliable reporting solution. No credit card needed, no strings attached!

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