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3 Benefits of Using Cross-Campaign Optimisation

Budget optimisations were always able to be regulated by advertisers. With Facebook's recent update to set their Campaign Budget Optimisation option as a fixed default setting, many have been questioning how this will affect their control on campaign performances and budget optimisation. The solution: The Next Ad’s latest feature: Cross-Campaign Optimisation! This blog will tell you all about it!

Angelina Natividad

Online Marketer at The Next Ad

Sep 3, 2019

Facebook Setting Campaign Budget Optimisation as a Fixed Default Setting

As of September 2019, Facebook has or will set Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO) as a fixed default for all campaigns for advertisers with a 100% CBO adoption.

This means that advertisers would no longer be able to manually control daily and lifetime budgets at ad-set level, as Facebook now automatically optimises the distribution.

This is done by optimising towards the best-performing and low-cost audiences, as determined by Facebook’s algorithm based on predictive bidding.

So, what does this mean for social advertisers?

Facebook is always looking for ways to better their platform and make it more manageable for its users. This latest update, however, might not be as great for all advertisers.

This could be a good solution for advertisers who aren’t as experienced yet, as it will help them out by placing some of the control in the hands of Facebook.

A major downside may be, however, that those who are more advanced and familiar with Facebook advertising don’t want to be limited by Facebook’s control on their budgets and keep their ability to follow their own strategies and tactics.

If you’re not used to working with CBO before, you probably will be going to need some time, trial and error to get used to a new method of working!

While CBO will take away a considerable chunk of advertisers’ control over their campaign performances, The Next Ad latest feature will allow you to keep this and more!

Introducing: The Next Ad’s Cross-Campaign Optimisation!

In the fast-changing environment of ad-tech, our developers at The Next Ad are consistently innovating the platform and its optimisation engine to ensure great performance! Let me introduce you to our new optimisation engine: Cross-Campaign Optimisation!

With Cross-Campaign Optimisation (CCO), we allow you to automate the optimisation across campaigns, as it uses custom metrics to optimise across the multiple campaigns you’ve selected. A fine solution for advertisers on top of Facebook’s CBO, but also a way to stay more in control than by solely using CBO!

You’ll definitely want to know about some of the awesome key benefits CCO brings, so let’s go over three of them!

Three Awesome CCO Key Benefits

1. Direct Control over your Performance and Reach for Multi-Country Campaign Management

Let’s say you want to make sure that you’ll reach your audience over your multi-country strategy. For this kind of campaign, it’s crucial to have direct control over your performance and reach!

Let’s say you want to make sure that you’ll reach your audience over your multi-country strategy. For this kind of campaign, it’s crucial to have direct control over your performance and reach!

Are you focused on reach campaigns and looking for your advertising spend to be spent in a (short) period of time? Set up campaigns per country, using a single ad set and benefit from CCO to optimise budgets in your own full control using custom metrics for optimisation and by setting campaign budget limits!

2. Optimising on Custom KPI’s

Now, you want to optimise on a custom KPI that adheres to your specific campaign goal, other than the default campaign goal options provided by Facebook.

Use CCO to be able to benefit from optimising on the campaign metric that’s most relevant to you (i.e. running a Video View campaign while optimising on CPM)!

CCO offers full transparency through the CCO Log and offers our users control through the ability to be in charge of campaign settings and budgets, as well as through optimisation on custom metrics.

3. Full Campaign Performance Control working side-by-side with Ad Fatigue Optimisation

Do you want to keep full control over your best campaign performances?

With The Next Ad’s CCO and Ad Fatigue Optimisation (AFO), this won’t be a problem!

Combining CCO with (AFO) is highly recommended when you want to keep full control over campaigns that are focused on brand awareness and reach, but also if you’re seeking to stay in charge of campaign budgets and performances!

A quick guide on how to get started with CCO

Here are the steps you’ll need for setting up a CCO campaign:

  1. Go to ‘Campaigns‘ and click on ‘Cross Campaign Optimisations‘.2. Click the ‘+‘ to create a new Optimisation.3. Select compatible campaigns from the Campaign Overview (must be active and run on CBO).4. Complete your desired CCO setup.5. Click on ‘Create Optimisation‘.

That’s it! CCO will now start to optimise the active campaigns you’ve selected. If you want to view your CCO results or to edit your CCO settings, simply go to your CCO report to find the logs.


Being in charge of your advertising budgets at campaign level is truly essential for advertisers who want to pursue their own budget strategies and tactics. The ability to have transparency, security and control shouldn’t be undervalued, making The Next Ad’s newest Cross Campaign Optimisation feature absolutely indispensable!

What are your experiences with using Facebook’s CBO? Have the results been as you expected, or do you prefer to have the initial way of working? Let us know what your thoughts are on the fine line between automation, optimisation and control! What do you think is the best balance between them?

Interested in having a look for yourself or do you want to know more about this? Sign up to The Next Ad’s free trial and find out if it can help you take your social media business to the next level!

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