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Gain More Insights via our New Home Dashboard

Sanne Kruis

The Marketing Manager of The Next Ad.

Avg 3, 2017

We turned our old home dashboard into a more advanced, insightful home dashboard in which you will have one overall dashboard with endless new filter functions to make it possible for you to keep track of your advertising performance.

Gain more insights via our new home dashboard

Having redesigned our logo  and website, it’s time for another redesign, this time to our home dashboard in our platform to give you more freedom to review, bulk edit and compare insights of your campaigns, ad sets or ads.

Indeed, we turned our old home dashboard into a more advanced, insightful home dashboard in which you will have one overall dashboard with endless new filter functions to make it possible for you to keep track of your advertising performance.

What’s the benefit?

The main difference between the old and the new dashboard is that in the old dashboard, you could see the dashboard per brand and thus had to switch between brands to compare for example the performance of different countries with each other. To gain insights in performance per country or age you had to create a report in another dashboard.

In the new dashboard you will see your entire account with all your brands, including breakdowns. This way you can easily compare the advertising performance of your brands and gain insights of your overall social advertising performance, all in one place. In the end, this saves you time, gives you a clear overview and enables you to analyse campaign performances which helps you to improve your campaign strategy.

We’ve made a lot of tweaks in the dashboard and we’re aware that it might be challenging to keep up with all the new features. This is why we’re sharing the key benefits of the home dashboard per topic with you which have been updated and redesigned:

  1. Dashboard views
  2. Filters
  3. Table specifications
  4. Attribution window
  5. Bulk editing

1 Dashboard views

The new home dashboard gives you a clear overview of your advertising performance in your account and enables you to customise the dashboard as you wish. If you go to the ad sets view, you’ll see all ad sets of all your completed campaigns, from all your ad accounts.

Here is a breakdown of all the views of the dashboard

  • Ad Accounts view: shows a list of all your ad accounts
  • Campaigns view: list of all campaigns known for all your ad accounts
  • Ad Sets view: a list of all ad sets known for all your completed campaigns
  • Ads view: a list of all ads in all belonging to all your completed campaigns

2 Filters

Our dashboards feature awesome new user-friendly filters. Depending on which view you’re currently in, you’re able to easily add change and save filters. Filter functions work in two ways:

  1. Navigating from one tab to another by clicking for example on the name of an ad account, brand and a campaign means that you’ll add filters to each view. You will see for example the ad sets that’s belonging to the ad account, brand and campaign you’ve set the filter on. By switching between tabs in the dashboard, all your set filters will be saved along the wayFiltering within a particular view of the dashboard enables you to create a view by campaign status or campaign goal. Simply click the filter drop button and select the filter you want.

Here is a breakdown of all the filters

  • Name filter: searches in campaign name, ad set name, ad name, ad account name
  • Campaign goal type filter: multiple goal types can be added
  • Status filter: filter on different available statuses
  • Date range filter: allows you to change dates, default is lifetime (available in all views)
  • Budget filter: allows you to filter your budget between lifetime and daily

Saved filters

The amazing thing about the new dashboard and its filters is that all your filters are automatically saved along the way while clicking through the different tabs. So, you don’t have to save them when you want to click on a new tab. If, however, you need to create the same reports every week, you can save specific filters for future use, saving you time and effort. To delete filters, simply click on the ‘Clear’ button or manually remove the filters.

How can I filter to get an overview of campaigns per brand?

There are two ways to filter to get a brand view:

  1. By clicking on the brand name in the Ad Accounts or Campaigns tab
  2. By using the manual brand name filter from the filter drop down

3 Table specifications

The new dashboard lets you easily customise your overview and edit in bulk. Below you will find a recap of the table specifications of your overview in the new dashboard:

  • KPI’s
    You’re able to customise your overview by selecting multiple KPIs in the KPI Column or add a search field to quickly find your metrics. For example, if you select ‘Video Engagement’ in the KPI Column, you will see the metrics for that particular KPI. If there are more columns than supported by your screen, the table will be horizontally scrollable. Do you want to have a quick look about the results? Each table includes a summary row at the bottom, showing you a quick overview of the insights of the page you’re viewing.
  • Breakdowns
    From now on you are also able to get an overview of insights such as the performance of different countries or gender within your campaigns or ad sets.You can apply breakdowns on campaign and ad set level and get insights in the supported breakdowns if the data is available.
  • Pagination
    The ‘pagination’ shows the 10 last rows by default, but you’re free to switch to viewing either 25 or 50 rows. Instead of auto load on scroll, there are now buttons down the table that you can use.

4 Attribution window

Via the Attribution window you can easily see the results of your ads for a specific time frame. What results have your ads achieved between the time of impression and action? You can get the answer with a simple click.

5 Bulk editing

With the new dashboards, you can (single) edit your campaign, ad set and ad group settings in their respective views by opening the wizards directly from the dashboard by clicking on ‘edit’ or via the campaign overview by clicking on ‘open’ using the cog wheel. Do you want to edit in bulk? Select multiple rows/campaigns by a checkbox in front of each row for easy bulk edits.

Now that you know all the key benefits of our new dashboard, it’s your turn to go and try it out. Sign up for a free trial and feel free to contact us if you need help.

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Sanne Kruis

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