fbpx Getting started with the Google Shopping Autopilot


Getting started with the Google Shopping Autopilot

In the previous blog, we explained what Google Shopping Campaigns are, what benefits they can bring to your business, and we provided some tips for successful Google Shopping Campaigns.   Today, we'd like to show you what other possibilities there are for you to make your life even easier. With the help of our own Google Shopping Autopilot, you can sit back and relax while we integrate your Shopify webshop with the Shopping Autopilot, run all your shopping campaigns, and increase the sales of your products!    Keep reading to find what the requirements are and how you can set up your Shopping Autopilot account from the Shopify environment!

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The General Requirements for Google Shopping Ads

The General Requirements for Google Shopping Ads

To be able to set up a shopping campaign and generate shopping advertisements, there are a couple of requirements you will need to meet.

Google Ads & Merchant Center Accounts 

You’ll need to set up and link accounts with Google Merchant Center and Google Ads. When you haven’t created a Google Merchant center account, click here to find an easy instruction on how you can do this with us. 

Benefit of working with The Next Ad

With The Next Ad’s Shopping Autopilot we will create an Ad Account and Merchant Center (based on your webshop) for you to run your campaigns with. 

Understand & comply with the Policies

Your material for Shopping Campaigns and Shopping Advertising must comply with the policies of Shopping Ads, which are different from the policies of Google Ads. Before you start advertising, you will need to ensure that your type of business, products, promotions and website meets the requirements for Shopping Ads. Within the Shopping Autopilot you will be asked to once to comply with the policies before you are able to continue. 

Up to date Product data

You would need to be able to send up-to-date product data to Google at least every 30 days. This data also needs to meet the data quality standards. These guidelines are in place to help ensure that consumers have the best shopping experience, and we implem ent standards to help your advertising perform better. The requirements for submitting your product data are set out in the product specification. Shopify will update this information automatically, in the link you can see how this works. 

Benefit of working with The Next Ad

With The Next Ad’s Shopping Autopilot, we will create a Merchant Center Account for you, so your Shopify product data is being updated on a regular basis to meet the Google requirements. 

How to get started with The Next ad's Shopping Autopilot application

4 Easy steps to get started with The Next Ad’s Shopping Autopilot

Getting started with Shopping Autopilot is easy. 4 steps in just a few seconds. Sit back and relax while we do the hard work. Follow the steps as described below and launch your first campaign on Google Shopping.


  1. Connect your Shopify account 
  2. Create your Google Ads  & Merchant Center Account with us
  3. Complete your account set-up
  4. Publish your first campaign


1. Installation of the Shopping Autopilot App with Shopify

Go to The Next Ad Shopping Autopilot in the Shopify App Store. Click on the  “Add app” button to install the Shopping Autopilot app. 


You will be guided to The Next Ad’s customer creation to continue setting up your Shopping Autopilot account. Start connecting your Shopify Webshop to The Next Ad’s Shopping Autopilot. 

Verify your account creation in your email and continue the set-up process. 

2. Create your Google Ads & Merchant Center Account

When prompted into the Shopping Autopilot, you will be asked to create an ad account with us. Simply create one with just one click and continue the Account Set-Up. We will create a Merchant Center account for you in the background and import the products of your webshop. 

3. Complete your account set-up

In the Account Set-Up we fetch all information from your Shopify account, such as the claimed Website URL and product feed. 

This step might take a few minutes. But no worries. Just keep the window open and wait until the progress bar has been moved into a full green bar. 

In case of any errors or improvements, you will be notified. 

4. Publish your first campaign 

Done?! Awesome! You’re all set to publish your first campaign. 

Create a campaign by clicking the green “create” button and go ahead. 

Adjust the name of your campaign, set a desired budget and select the country you would like your Google Shopping campaign to run in. 

Go! Publish your campaign and wait for the results! 


Stay tuned for more Apps in Shopify’s App Store

We’re working hard on building new awesome stuff! So do we also have a Social Publisher tool, as well as a Google Search Autopilot tool. Soon to be available in the App Store of Shopify.

Getting started with Google Search Ads as well? Get onboard with the Search Autopilot!

Did you know that we also have an Autopilot to easily create and publish Google Search campaigns?! This tool helps you to easily create Search ads on the Google network. Simply provide us your website URL, select a location and language, adjust the provided keywords and ad to your preference. Set a budget and go! Wait for the results to come your way. 


Having an account on the Shopping Autopilot already? Awesome, just hit subscribe to the Search Autopilot too and get started. 


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