fbpx SFB method: Search Find Buy


SFB method: Search Find Buy

All E-commerce sellers are trying to become #1 ranked on Amazon and other platforms where they are selling their products. In order to achieve this, the seller will have to optimise their product page and SEO. Today we will tell you about one of the most effective methods to increase SEO: “SFB”.   So what is SFB? It’s quite easy, the meaning is Search Find Buy. Today you will learn how you let your customers execute these three actions, and we will explain how this will improve your ranking. Are you interested already? Just keep reading!

Search: Find a Way to Attract Potential Customers

Customers who will search for, find, and purchase the product are required to kick off Amazon’s “Search Find Buy” journey. This entails using a tried-and-true marketing strategy to reach out to them. Customers can be drawn to your offer in a variety of ways. You could send out an email newsletter or create a post showcased on the front page of your website.
For many sellers, Facebook is the platform of choice. Facebook has a large user base and has developed a variety of marketing tools over the years.

A Note About Chatbots

When you have someone who responds to your ad (whether on Facebook or elsewhere), consider using a chatbot. A chatbot is a time-saving automation tool. We like it because it simplifies the entire process. The chatbot will direct potential customers to your product on Amazon and assist them in making a purchase.

Find: Include a Discount

You can only entice someone to search for your product (and go through page after page on Amazon) if you offer them something in exchange. Even if they aren’t aware of it, they are devoting time to improving your Amazon rankings. As a result, your search find buy method must include smart promotions.

People enjoy receiving promotions. It is entirely up to you how you carry out the promotion. It could be a standard discount or a rebate. The amount you offer is determined by your budget and financial concerns. However, if this method works for you and improves your Amazon ranking, it will be worthwhile.

The higher your products rank on Amazon, the more successful your company will be. However, keep in mind that the higher your discount offers are, the more likely Amazon will not rank them at all. When operating within Amazon’s Terms of Service, lower discount rates are a safer bet.

Buy: Clear and concise instructions 

If you want people to like your offer and buy your product on Amazon, or if you want to earn the Amazon choice badge, you must make it easy for them to search, find and buy. Any ambiguous phrasing or perplexing formatting may cause a buyer to lose interest in your company. Here are a few ideas for making your instructions more user-friendly:

  • Offer numbers: You present the information in a linear fashion using a step-by-step approach. If a customer becomes perplexed, they can always refer back to the previous point and figure out where they went wrong.
  • Keep your sentences short: Your instructions should include all necessary information, but they should not be overly long. Keep them brief and to-the-point.
  • Check that the keywords and page numbers are accurate: You’re handing someone a map to your product, so double-check that the directions still take you where you expect them to.
  • Include images and other descriptive clues: A picture is worth a thousand words, so include a good one. Images and other cues, such as the listing title, will direct a buyer to your products.

Get Started

So, what have we learned about SFB? SFB is an organic way of promoting yourself at Amazon and other Online Marketplaces. The key is to find your potential buyers, approach them with the right discount, and provide them with a clear list of instructions in order to boost your Organic ranking. 

If you want to learn more about the SFB method or if you want to start advertising on Google Shopping. Click here to start boosting your webshop. 

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